Meeting 09-02-2017

Diem25 Dublin-1 DSC Meeting

We had another great meeting tonight with the Dublin-1 DSC. We discussed the European crisis, Brexit, the election of Trump in the US and we managed to progress our idea for a Dublin meeting, which will be a “World Cafe” event.

The minutes of our meeting can be found below:

Present: Ezekiel, Killian, Wessel, Chris, Dolores, Kim, Kevin, M-A.

Chair: Wessel

  • Opening
  • Discuss letter Pedrojuan

>> We proposed to use the World Cafe format for the meeting

>> Belfast is out of the picture

>> We are in contact with DiD about the date(s)

>> Letter without the apology, why apologise?

>> Action Pedro: Send letter to Judith Meyer

  • Date for the Dublin-1 event

>> 1st week of May bank holiday

>> 9th-20th of May Kim is on holiday

>> June might be better than May

>> There’s a bank holiday in the 1st week of June

>> Second weekend of June might be ideal

>> DiD poll also influences the date

  • Discussion World Cafe format

>> March for democracy? Before our coinciding with the event.  

>> Two day event. Worldcafe + democracy day.

>> Project team: Ezekiel, Kim, Pedro, Wessel, Orla

>> Location: The Unite Hall, Teacher’s Club, Jigsaw, Chris

>> Get a flag for the meetings

>> Action: Kim has access to a badge maker

>> Action: Wessel checks for flyers

  • Any other business

>> Thematic meetings

  • Next meeting

>> 23rd of February 2017.

  • Closing