There are several ways in which you can contact Diem25 in Dublin.

  • To join any of our meetings, please go to our meetup site at All the information about the time, location and program of the meetings will be posted there. To indicate that you’re joining one of the meetups, sign up with and click “join us” on the Meetup page.
  • To join the ongoing online conversation of Diem25 in Dublin, please go to!aboutgroup/diem25ireland and click “subscribe to this group” to be part of our mailing list.
  • If you’d like to be part of the ongoing organisational issues in Diem25, for now you can join our “Slack” account.
    • Once you have joined, we will send you an invitation to Slack by e-mail
    • In the Slack invitation email click on the “Join Team” button
    • Enter your name, choose a username for yourself and click on the “Next” button
    • Now choose a slack password and click on the “Join Team” button

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