Minutes 19/01/2017

Minutes Diem25 Dublin-1 Meeting 20/01/2017

Minute taker: Wessel

  1. Why are not enough people showing up to the meetings?
  • We have to reach out to people, asking them why they came in the first place, but what they’re not finding currently
  • Under what circumstances is it worth to make an effort to get the ball going
  • We should tell every Thursday that Yanis is coming
  • Would the location be an issue?
  • Perhaps it’s a feature of the Irish culture
  • What kind of people do we want to bring into Diem25? Working class?
  • The core problem might be that we don’t know what Diem25 really is
  • There seems to be a lack of a strategy
  • There’s a lack of work in Diem25
  • Building a network of Irish movements was a good idea
  • We could make a one-year plan
  • We could have a talk about a topic every meeting – make the meetings thematic
  • We should use FB in a better way – communication strategy Action point (Kim)
  1. Diem25 Launch in Ireland event
  • Maybe we should organise the event independent of the CC
  • As long as we stay within the Diem25 guidelines
  • March is not feasible – we should target a later point in the year
  • We will communicate to Belfast and the CC that we are not ready for March (first on Slack) – Action point (Pedrojuan)
  • The event will still happen – but rather in May/June
    • One of the themes of the event: the internal workings of the EU (the deal with Turkey/ the new president of the EP)
  • We have to plan everything without CC support in principle
  • We will do it according to the World Cafe format and we will invite other DSCs
  1. Elements for a year plan for DSC Dublin
  • Action point (Wessel): Start a year plan for DSC Dublin
  • A communication strategy (social media etc.)
  • Starting new DSCs
  • Getting in touch with other Irish movements

Next meeting:

2nd of February, 6pm, Jigsaw

  • Point for agenda: Website – mimic the DiD website